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I have put forward a panel for SXSW Interactive 2009 entitled ‘Playing To Learn – Educating Kids Through Gaming’ – Kids love online games and virtual worlds, but they’re not so hot on school and homework. What opportunities are being created to marry the two commercially and transform the way our children are educated?

View my panel at the SXSW interactive panel picker and please vote!

My panel will try to address the following 10 questions:

*What properties are out there for kids between the ages of 7-12?

*How commercially successful have they been?

*How educational are they?

*What are the educational partnership opportunities online and offline for kids of this age?

*Is this a new potential boom area for the web?

*How can games companies make education and learning cool?

*What are the potential pitfalls?

*How can games companies get parents on board?

*Where are the marketing opportunities for such properties?

*How can educational gaming sites be monetised?

I will be representing Mind Candy at this year’s Women In Games Conference (being held between the 10th and 12th September at the University of Warwick, near Coventry) by hosting a panel called “Getting Down With The Kids”. My panel will explore the link between the growth of social gaming in the youth sector and greater opportunities for women in the games industry

I have enlisted three panelists;

Rachel Bardill – Interactive Executive for CBBC and one of the brains behind Adventure Rock

Louise Ridgeway – long standing supervising animator at games development company Rare Ltd

Toby Barnes – MD of Pixel Lab, a consultancy and production company to the video-game and digital content industries

The details of the conference can be found at the WIG conference website at

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