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Posted on: September 22, 2008

I will be speaking at a couple of different events in October that I am very excited about…

Virtual Worlds Conference 20th October London 

Panel discussion – Defining your strategy: What does ROI mean to you?

How to ID your goals and strategies within virtual worlds. Look at prior considerations from established players and hear planning that worked and planning that didn’t. What opportunities do virtual worlds hold over other, more established, media formats. How do you insure that your campaigns quantified and verified. What does ROI mean to you?


Philippe Moitroux, CEO, TAATU

Corey Bridges, Executive Producer, Multiverse

Divinia Knowles, Head Of Operations and Financial Controller, Mind Candy


Women In Media 24th October Brighton 

Short presentation followed by Q & A session

CHAIR: Emily Newton-Dunn, EA Games


Divinia Knowles, Head of Operations at multiplayer games developer Mind Candy 

Speaker from Zoemode, tbc 

Kaye Elling, Games Industry veteran (Sony, Acclaim, etc) now at massive multiplayer online gamers Dubit

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